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Winter 2017 to 2018

January 02, 2018  •  2 Comments

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The power was out in North Conway that morning, so instead of running errands, I took photos. This is Mount Washington and the (frozen) Saco River.

Moonrise at the end of the year. Sabattus is on the right.

And then this morning:


Ethan McNerney Photography
This is the coldest I have seen at my house, but it is not a cold spot. A co-worker in North Fryeburg has seen -40º a couple of times with this cold spell. This morning it was a balmy -5ºF. We've acclimated because it didn't seem so harsh.
Karin Naylor(non-registered)
Oh, wow! And I thought it was bitterly cold here at 11 degrees. Hope you all stay nice and warm!
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