For over 40 years the Hamlin Memorial Library at Paris Hill, Maine has been putting on a Founder's Day and Classic Car Exhibit. This is a fundraiser to support the old historic building which houses the library. The Bahre family opens their fine automobile collection to the public with the proceeds going to the library. Since 2006, I have had the opportunity to photograph the cars and design the poster for the event.

For the more recent photographs, you can read the story about making the images for the poster on my blog.

28th Annual Founder's Day Poster28th Annual Founder's Day Poster

For my first poster, the one overall car photo was provided from the Bahre's collection of images.

29th Annual Founder's Day Poster29th Annual Founder's Day Poster This is one of those images that was a case of being in the right place at the right time. The curator of the collection was parking the vehicles after the Founder's Day event while the late afternoon sun was streaming though the garage door. With this vehicle, I caught it at just the right time as he was backing in to the garage.

30th Annual Founder's Day Poster30th Annual Founder's Day Poster(C)Ethan McNerney [email protected]

31st Annual Founder's Day Poster31st Annual Founder's Day Poster

A Harvey Earl Cadillac. The background is the radio grille.

32nd Annual Founder's Day Poster32nd Annual Founder's Day Poster

Do you feel like you are driving this Stutz? Most of the images in the posters have been taken outdoors on scenic Paris Hill.

33rd Annual Founder's Day Poster33rd Annual Founder's Day Poster


34th Annual Founder's Day Poster34th Annual Founder's Day Poster

If you can make it to the event, this is what the outdoor display often looks like.

35th Annual Founder's Day Poster35th Annual Founder's Day Poster(c)Ethan McNerney

Perhaps my favorite photo shoot was making images of this Alfa. Even the perspective from behind is great. An amazing car.

36th Annual Founder's Day Poster36th Annual Founder's Day Poster

From Paris Hill there are views of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. In the background here the highest peak is Mount Washington. Just behind the top corner of the windshield is one of my favorite mountains, South Baldface.

37th Annual Founder's Day Poster37th Annual Founder's Day Poster(c)Ethan McNerney

In 2015, the decision was made to sell a limited edition version of the poster as an additional fundraiser for the library. This shows the limited edition poster with less text. This is another one of those times when you come across special lighting and make a shot. We had a session with another car and this Packard had to be parked outside whilst shifting cars around.  The sunlight reflecting off the white building made this beautiful fill-light so I made a few images as an aside. That paid off when it was hard to schedule for another shoot in 2014 to make the 2015 poster.

38th Annual Founder's Day poster38th Annual Founder's Day posterEthan McNerney [email protected]

This is another limited edition version of the poster. We photographed two different cars at this location, a neighbors' residence on Paris Hill. In between compositions, the home owners' shared fresh apples of old-time varieties right off the trees. When the shoot was over during the reorganizing of the parked cars, I wandered around and took a few more shots. This is where the 2017 poster photo came from.

39th Annual Founder's Day Poster39th Annual Founder's Day PosterEthan McNerney [email protected]

The 2018 poster is described in a detailed blog posting. This year the Hamlin Library is having a 2019 calendar printed of a collection of all my posters to-date. Contact the library 207-743-2980 or be there at Founder's Day to get your copy.

2018 Hamlin Library Poster2018 Hamlin Library Poster

Here is the 2019 poster. The story for it is detailed in a blog posting too. We have made another calendar for sale this year too. Contact the Hamlin Library or myself. [email protected]

Founder's Day returns for 2021.

In 2015 we photographed two cars at this location. One made the 2016 poster, and this one was saved until now.

Ethan McNerney [email protected]