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Pleasant Mtn. Bald Peak Trail

April 19, 2017  •  2 Comments

Another spring and another opportunity to hike Bald Peak Trail up Pleasant Mountain. Compare it to last year here. This post opens with a photo of the same waterfall as last year's post. This year we didn't make it to the top, just diverted to go part-way up Sue's Way. All the run-off this year made for a lot of photo opportunities which slowed us down.

Just before we left, one of our party showed me photos from Leigh Hayes' blog where she had gone up this trail before us. She is a writer (amongst other things) that I have worked with for Lake Living Magazine.

This was probably the best waterflow I have seen at the Needle's Eye.

It was a bit tricky getting into there with the snow and ice on the outside.

A view of the ski slopes through the trees.


Leigh Hayes(non-registered)
Hey there--lots of change along the trail in the past week. Thanks for referencing my blog. Love your photos--as usual.
Leigh Macmillen Hayes(non-registered)
Hey there, thanks for referencing my blog. I've been up the Bald Peak trail twice in the last week, and the conditions changed drastically between visits. But your photos are amazing.
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