King Ravine

July 11, 2018  •  2 Comments

It is past time for another hike. A friend wanted a recommendation of a hike in the White Mountains and King Ravine in Randolph has been on my list of places to revisit for a long time. So here we go.

At certain lower elevations, all the trees' leaves were partially eaten by a caterpillar. It made the light in the woods seem like springtime.

Near Mossy Falls

Looking back out of the ravine you can see forests affected by the caterpillar. Volunteers from the Randolph Mountain Club doing trail maintenance told us about the caterpillars. Thanks to volunteers like these, the trails were in good shape.

Looking at the headwall of the ravine. The top of the Chemin des Dames trail is is the upper left corner of the photo.

Entering the Subway was a little confusing since we couldn't find the markers at first. It became a treasure hunt to make sure we could enjoy all the twists and tunnels of the trail.

A lone tree in the Subway.

Next we went into the Ice Caves. Yes, July 7 there was still ice and snow down in the caves. King Ravine Ice Caves snowmanChilling out in July was a little friend.

The RMC's Crag Camp is up on that ridgeline.

Common Wood-Sorrel back down the trail.

King Ravine is a great destination all on its own, or you can proceed up Mount Adams. We just enjoyed the day exploring the ravine. The trail does not have any steep climbs, but there is a lot of scrambling over large boulders as you approach the ravine. The scenery is spectacular.


Wow! Those mossy rocks and waterfall...
Beautiful! love the water pics and of course, the snowman!
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