2018 Paris Hill Maine Founder's Day poster

July 12, 2018  •  1 Comment

It is almost time for another Founder's Day on Paris Hill, Maine. Here is the story behind this year's poster.


This year's poster is an concept that I had for a while. Finally it came together logistically. My "day job" of a mechanical designer has involved drawings used for manufacturing so the idea was to make a poster with three views of a car. The problem is, how do you get an image of a collectible car from above for the top view? We had been coming up with different ideas, but last year there was a lift being used for construction at the site of the car collection and so we finally had our opportunity.

Before we get to the images, some background on our poster child: this 1934 Packard 1106 Runabout Speedster by LeBaron was custom-ordered for Clark Gable. In the Bahre Collection it has been on display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the Allure of the Automobile exhibition in 2010. And last year it won the Governor's Cup (Best of Show) at the Elegance at Hershey.

I started with the front, back, and sides.

www.emcnerney.com eemphoto@gmail.com www.emcnerney.com eemphoto@gmail.com

www.emcnerney.com eemphoto@gmail.com www.emcnerney.com eemphoto@gmail.com

And then I had to go up.

This photo is courtesy of Jeff Orwig, curator of The Bahre Collection. My camera has an aircraft cable leash attaching it to the basket; double-protection.

Here are views you will never have seen before:

www.emcnerney.com eemphoto@gmail.com www.emcnerney.com eemphoto@gmail.com

Amazing, right?

www.emcnerney.com eemphoto@gmail.com

It was another fun photo shoot. Producing the poster was a process that involved a lot of feedback; thanks to all. Be sure to make it to Paris Hill on July 21 this year to see this Packard and all the other amazing cars. You can pick up a special edition copy of the poster for yourself at the event too.

2018 Hamlin Library Poster2018 Hamlin Library Poster

Also this year we made a special fund-raiser 2019 calendar. It is a collection of all the posters I have made for Founder's Day. The posters are adapted to fit the calendar format. To get your copy, go to Founder's Day or contact the Hamlin Memorial Library & Museum at 207-743-2980. I've heard it looks pretty nice, but haven't seen it in print yet, so let me know what you think.


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