One fine October morning

November 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Or, how a photographer's day is often interrupted.

The day starts like any other. You go about your daily routine. Then, look at that light. There must be something interesting out there for a photo. So you grab the camera bag and tripod while trying to select the right lens as you run for a good perspective.

Ethan McNerney

Kearsarge, rainbow over Wiley, and snow on the Baldfaces. Fantastic light. So you try different compositions and catch the light as it changes.

Ethan McNerney Ethan McNerney

Creeper Hill on the left. The light keeps changing and the fog drifts, but the rainbow disappears.

Ethan McNerney Ethan McNerney Ethan McNerney

The sun rises higher changing the angle of light through the break in the clouds to the east so the Baldfaces are no longer illuminated. And then it happens again, more spectacular illumination.

Ethan McNerney Ethan McNerney

It is the fog's turn this time to be lit.

And then the sun rises too high to light the landscape.

Ethan McNerney

It is all over. The rain that brought the rainbow has moved across the valley and you are scrambling to pack away equipment and get back under cover.

Oh well, it won't be an early arrival to work today.





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